How To Automatically Download A Torrent In uTorrent And RSS


How To Automatically Download A Torrent In uTorrent And RSS

Almost everyone uses  BitTorrent client for downloading audio, video, data files etc. If you read this tutorial you will have a much easier experience while using BitTorrent clients such as uTorrent (which is the article focused on). You will be able to automate your torrent downloads with RSS.

First of all, make sure that the torrent-based web site that you use has RSS feeds. Examples of torrent web site that have RSS feeds are Torrent Reactor or The pirate Bay. Get the URLs for the desired RSS feeds. Next, start the uTorrent application. On the left bar click Feeds, after click the Add RSS Feed button. Paste the URL and name it. If you don’t want to have a flood of torrents coming towards your computer, make sure that you don’t forget to select¬†”Do not automatically download all items”. If you want to use other RSS feeds, just take the same steps.

Now, you have to create filters in order to analyze each of the RSS feeds for the desired torrents. Click Options, then RSS Downloader. Next, you have to type the name of the torrent that you want to be automatically downloaded into the Filter text box, for example the name of your favorite TV series. Also, you can follow the tutorial on the uTorrent web site.

After, you set up the filters, they immediately become active, and you will never need to manually add torrents.


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