How To Install Non-Android Market Apps On Android Smartphones


How To Install Non-Android Market Apps On Android Smartphones

Normally, when an Android owner wants to install a new application on his device, he simply visits the Android Market, he looks for the desired application directly from there by tapping one button.

Android doesn’t allow you to install applications that aren’t on Android Market because this action can be pretty risky, the application could be infected with malicious software and could damage your Android device. But sometimes you feel the need to enhance your mobile phone with a non-Market application that you think it might be useful.

Do do that, there’s no need for any genius hacks or tweaks. Anybody can do it. Just go to your Android’s “Settings”, then “Applications” and check the “Unknown sources” box. A message which is warning you about the risks will appear. Press OK to confirm, and that’s it!

From now on you will be able to install applications you want, no matter where they come from.

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