How To Block Specific Friends From Reading a Facebook Status Update


How To Block Specific Friends From Reading a Facebook Status Update

Facebook is able to give a lot of control and room for customization to it’s users allowing them to control exactly who can see each section of the profile, and easily block specific people from even finding your profile.

Another less-known feature but not less important allows you to control who can read each and every one of your status updates. You can block specific people from reading your update, by clicking on the padblock located below the status update box. Then Customize and you can block specific people from checking or reading your update.

If you are trying maybe to arrange a surprise party or a birthday party for one of your friends, or if by other means you decide that someone from your list of friends should not be able to read your Facebook status update use this little feature. This feature comes very handy if you want to block some family members or maybe your wife from reading some ‘Sensitive’ things.

So to sum it all up, use this feature only if you want to control who is able to read your posts on your friends pages. A very useful feature allowing a much needed peace of mind and a well deserved blogosphere privacy.


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