How to Create QR codes – the simple way!


How to Create QR codes – the simple way!

QR codes have become very useful these days, and more people are seeing them as a quick way of linking and sharing a message. Because they are used worldwide, by those who simply own a mobile device with a camera, the need for creating your own QR code has increased. There are a couple of tutorials out there, one even made by Google, but the manual procedure is a little complicated for some of us. That’s why we found a couple of websites that do the trick, by letting you make your own QR codes in a simple manner.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with these types of links, QR codes are 2 dimensional pictures that can be used to express an image, text or even an URL. They can be used physically or through the internet. The wonderful concept is that QR codes can be scanned with every mobile device out there. We showed you how a couple of days ago, when we used an Android and a BlackBerry. In short terms, if you want to link a picture, message or an URL, simply create a QR code to help you share it.

As we were saying at the beginning of this guide, QR codes can be made using various tutorials out there or, the simple way, using websites. There are a couple of them that can get the job done, but the most straight-forward is miniQR. When you enter the website you will notice just one field ( Googleish, isn’t it? ) and a bit ugly UI. Don’t mind that, focus on the field.

miniQR makes the desired QR code by simply entering the information and then clicking on the “Submit” button. You will notice an “Advanced Options” link, right near the Submit button. By clicking it you can change the image size of the code or, the preferred shortcut. If you want to make a link for an URL, make sure that you’ve typed it from the beginning, including the http:// characters. We used our own website URL for the example below.

QR code for SoftSailor

After clicking the submit button, a new page will open. In the first part you will see the QR code, what it represents and a couple of ways to share it. Choose your weapon and start sharing.

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