How To Customize / Set A Ringtone On An Android Smartphone


How To Customize / Set A Ringtone On An Android Smartphone

Okay, you’ve bought your Android phone that you wanted for a long time. Now you have to customize it a little bit starting with the ringtone. This small guide is for newbies when it comes to gadgets and it’s about changing the ringtones and other sounds such as alarms or notifications. This is how you do it:

  1. For the ringtone you’ll need an mp3 file which you can use from your existing music library or download it from the Internet.

  2. Next you have to create a folder on your SD card to store your music files. Hook up your Android phone to your computer via the USB cable so that you can mount the SD card on the computer. Then create a new folder on the SD card (you can name it as you want).

  3. Copy and Paste the music you want in the folder above created. As long as the files have unique names you can put as many as you want at a time (of course as many as the SD card supports). The Android device will always recognize your folder and will display all the files as possible ringtones.

  4. Now it’s time to set your ringtone. Go to the settings menu and you’ll find the default choices along with the music files that you transferred. Chose the desired file and you’re done.

For other sounds like “Alarms” or “Notifications” just follow the same steps and you won’t have any problems. It’s quite simple actually.

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