How To Uninstall Or Delete Android Applications


How To Uninstall Or Delete Android Applications

We all like to have as many applications as possible on our mobile phones. But what can we do when the memory gets crowded? That what this article is about. You will find out how Android apps can be removed.

Step 1. Make sure to export or save data

You have to make sure that all data associated with the application you want to delete is downloaded, exported or backed up because uninstalling an Android app, all data associated with it will be automatically deleted as well.

Step 2. Launch Android Market

Launch the Android Market application which can be found in your apps menu (the same application you used to download and install the application.

Step 3. Tap “My Downloads” section

The “My Downloads” section is located on the Android Market homepage. Tap it.

Step 4. Uninstall the application

After you select the “My Downloads” section a list of all the apps that you’ve installed on you phone will be displayed. After finding the app that you want to delete tap on it to go to its detail page. To remove it tap the “Uninstall” button.

You have to know that you can’t remove the apps which come pre-installed on your device, only the ones that you install yourself.

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