How To Enable Unicode On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Using Cydia Vmoji MOD


How To Enable Unicode On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Using Cydia Vmoji MOD

Many Apple devices owners use instant messaging and SMS texting a lot these days because there are fast and reliable ways to communicate with one another. But typing messages can be really annoying using the default keyboard mainly when you have to type Unicode symbols. However, you can add those symbols and make typing more fun.

Cydia has a new tweak for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners. It’s named Vmoji MOD and it gives you the ability to enhance your social networking experience by adding a large list of Unicode symbols which you can use by simply holding¬†down the 1-5 number keys.

These are the five steps that you should take:
  1. Go to Cydia and lunch it.

  2. Navigate to Manage>Sources>Edit>Add.

  3. Add the following source in the Add Tab.

  4. Go to the Search engine and search for “Vmoji MOD”.

  5. Download and install the package, after that restart Springboard.

Remember that in order to perform the actions above your iOS device has to be jailbroken.

From now on, every time you write a new message and long press and hold any numeric key you will have a full list of Unicode symbols that you can browse through and use.

Vmoji MOD

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