How to find Cheap Gas with an iPhone / Android app: Gass Buddy


How to find Cheap Gas with an iPhone / Android app: Gass Buddy

Let’s say that you are driving and whistling your favorite song. Suddenly, your eyes drop near the gas notification area, and they see red. That’s not good. You don’t have a lot of money so you need to find cheap gas nearby. How? Near you, there’s an iPhone. One missing the app we are going to present today. A simple application that helps you buy cheap gas, from the nearest gas station, and all this help is for free.

Now let’s explain a bit how Gas Buddy helps you find the cheapest station using a simple iPhone / Android app. Categorizing gas stations by your chosen criteria, Gas Buddy lets you list locations according to their price, availability near you, fuel grade or fuel type. Kerosene is not included at the moment. When you find our favorite station, all you have do to is tap on its name and a special page will appear. A map towards the location will also be included on this page.

Two listing methods are available for gas stations, all visible in the screenshots below. Within these screens, you can also see when the prices were updated, the complete address of the gas station, how far is it, a “GPS”-like map, and most important, the price. You can easily switch between these two mods, by tapping on the List / Map button on the top of the screen.

Gas Buddy: Map Mode

Considering the fact that Gas prices went skyline this week, you need to spend your money wise. Why not start right now, by using the Gas Buddy application. If you are reading this from home, you can check the official website, and map your way.

When on the road, Gas Buddy also has free mobile applications for every OS out there: Android, iPhone OS and even Windows Phone 7. It is well ranked by users, because the app is actually a community of people, which update the latest gas prices and gas station locations. You create an account and while using it, you will be rewarded with points for bringing valuable content to the community. The application is available on the Apple store, Android market and on Windows Phone. If you get tangled, you can always use the mobile site, to check the cellphone model.

Gas Buddy: List mode

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