How To Add Twitter Feeds To Your Website


How To Add Twitter Feeds To Your Website

Let’s say you have a web page. Surely you want your readers to know when there is new content on your web page. In order to keep them always updated you can add a Twitter feed to your page. This way your followers will always know when your doing something new.

You can add a Twitter feed to your web page by using a Twitter widget. This brings a benefit meaning that you can control how much space your Twitter feed takes up on your website, as the widgets are highly customizable. How do you do it? You only have to follow ten easy steps:

  1. First, you have to log in to the Twitter website.

  2. You will notice that at the bottom of the page there is a link called “Goodies”, click it.

  3. Next, click “Widgets”.

  4. Choose the “My Website” option.

  5. If you want to display customized Twitter search results on your Web page, choose a search widget. If you desire only your messages to be shown then choose a profile widget.

  6. Enter the desired search terms if you selected the search widget. For the profile widget you have to enter your Twitter username in the widget.

  7. If there are no new tweets available, and you want the old one to be displayed choose “loop old results”.

  8. Make the widget size and color scheme appropriate for your website using the “Appearance” and “Dimension” options.

  9. Test your settings in order to check the widget.

  10. Click “Finish & Grab Code” and paste the code onto your website, and the widget is added.

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