How to DualScreen an Android tablet with a PC monitor


How to DualScreen an Android tablet with a PC monitor

Out of monitor space and purchasing a second one is out of the question? Well, for those that read these lines and have a tablet near them, we have the solution. iDisplay has just launched a new app, which allows users to port an Android running tablet and use it as a dual screen, alongside with the PC monitor. It works great for tablets like the Samsung Tab and Xoom.

iDisplay can easily let you use a tablet as a secondary display for your computer, regardless of its nature. The app works for either Windows or MAC OS X users, unless they are using a 64bit platform. The app can be found in the Android Market, and it’s divided in two main parts: the desktop service and the mobile version. Both are required and, while running on your computer is free, the other isn’t. The iDisplay can be purchased using the QR code below, for $4.99. Unfortunately, there is no trial version available, but the below features should convince you.

Samsung Tab used as a secondary screen

iDisplay can be used with ease on all mobile platforms, not just on tablets. The app supports every smartphone that is powered by Android. As for orientation senses, you can use your weapon of choice in a portrait mode or, in landscape. The switch can be made as usual.

Also, the dualscren concept can be implemented very fast with the Android running tablet / smartphone. All you have to do is to install the application, run it, and then drag-and-drop any window through the side edge of your computer screen. The window will immediately appear on the tablet.

You can download iDisplay from here or, using the QR code.

QR code for iDisplay

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