How to change the Android boot animation screen, without rooting


How to change the Android boot animation screen, without rooting

How can you differentiate two Android phones from each other, especially when they are the same model? Well, the answer lays in customization. We choose to make our phones unique, in order to represent our personality. We will start today by changing the Android boot animation screen, a process done without the need of rooting. In further guides, we will show you how to do this, if you are rooted.

Although generally rooting simplifies things, some of you may not agree it. Fortunately, this is a process that can be done even without super user access. It can be done but, it’s a little bit harder than the method for rooted phones.

By changing these files you will actually remove the old booting animation and replace it with a new one. This requires you to find your favorite animation and use it in this guide. These are usually custom made, but you can found hundreds of them scattered on the web. Be careful what you chose, because some may work slowly on phones with lower hardware configurations. In the following days we will make a top 10 of our favorite ones.

In the guide below, we’ve chosen a Droid like screen, which comes fully equipped with sound and visual animations. If you like to use it on the first try, it can be downloaded by scanning the  QR code next to him or, this link ( the two files needed are on the end of the first post, and you will need an XDA account to download them ). As for compatibility, it can be used with every Android device out there. The problem stays with choosing the right resolution. Not every custom made animation is good for your screen.

Boot screen + QR code

How to change the Android boot animation screen, without rooting

We strongly recommend you to follow our steps as asked. If you change the location of any files within the guide, it’s your responsibility to change the commands as well. They are optimized for our words exactly.

  1. Download the Android SDK and save it on the desktop.

  2. Extract the file above and the run “Setup.exe”.

  3. Download the screen animation and place it on the desktop ( check above for links ).

  4. Copy the “” file into the “Tools” folder of the SDK you unzipped above. For windows, it should look something like this “Desktop/android_sdk_windows/tools”.

  5. Connect the smartphone to the computer using an USB cable.

  6. A notification message will appear in the bottom right corner of computer screen. Click it to mount the phone.

  7. On the Android, go to Settings > Applications > Development and check the “USB Debugging” box.

  8. On the computer, open the command prompt. This can be done by going to Start > Run > type cmd.exe > click OK.

  9. Type “c:” and hit Enter.

  10. Type “cd c:Documents and SettingsuserDesktopandroid-sdk-windowstools”, where the field “user” must be replaced with your login name. If the command is successful, you should see the location before the “>” symbol.

  11. Type “adb push /data/local” and hit Enter.

  12. Now type “adb push android_audio.mp3 /data/local”. This line is just for the audio file. If your animation does not contain one, skip this step.

  13. Wait a moment and shut down the phone.

  14. Remove the USB cable and power the cellphone on.

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