How to change the iTunes library location and move all files


How to change the iTunes library location and move all files

Although iTunes is a wonderful piece of software, sometimes it can be very annoying. The simplest of things are very hard to do, if you don’t know the place like in the palm of your hand. One of them, and the subject of our guide today, is how to change the iTunes library location. This can be very useful when moving the default location, the folder where all your files are being automatically saved.

In the second part of our guide, you will learn even how to transfer the old files into your new location. This will be done using a simple iTunes function, which acts like a backup option. Also, this can be used for external hard-drives and DVD’s. Just make sure after you completed the transfer, to relocate the default iTunes library folder.

The words below are compatible with all iTunes versions but, we strongly recommend you install or update to the latest one. Click here to download it.

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How to change the iTunes library location on MAC/ PC
  1. Start iTunes and go to “Edit” -> “Preferences”.

  2. Click on the “Advanced Tab”.

  3. Now check the “Keep iTunes Media folder organized” box.

  4. Click the “Change” button browse to a new folder, chosen as the default library location from now on. .

    iTunes - change button

  5. If you want to transfer the old files to the new location, go to File -> Library -> Organize Library and tick on ‘Consolidate files’. iTunes will the old files into the new location. After completion, manually navigate to the old location and delete everything.

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