How To Start / Launch System Restore From The Task Manager


How To Start / Launch System Restore From The Task Manager

System Restore is a tool that permits you to return your Windows OS installation to a previous and better working version. Such action is required when a PC develops errors because of hardware or software incompatibilities, that before now didn’t exist and, by following the instructions in this post you will learn how to Restore your Windows system to a previous perfectly working state and so you will be able to re-use it without the need of reinstalling the OS.

Restoring a system to a previous state means that you are ready to lose some data from your system, because the data added after you have created the latest System Restore will be lost, if you do not back it up on some kind of storage removable device. However, because restoring a system to a working version, means that your system has developed really bad errors and this post contains info about how you can start the System Restore service from the Task Manager utility. This guide is very useful for those of you that are unable to open the Control Panel or for those that simply want to use another way for launching the System Restore. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Press the following keyboard keys combination: ‘CTRL + Alt + Del’.

  2. Now you have to select the ‘Start Task Manager’ option.

  3. When Task Manager screen appears, click on ‘File’ and then ‘New Task (Run…)’.

  4. Now you have to type in ‘rstrui’ in the Create New Task’s empty box. Hit the OK button.

  5. Now click on NEXT.

  6. Select one of the previous Windows Restore Points and click on ‘Next’.

  7. Click ‘Finish’ and Windows will start to restore the system to a previous working state.

After you have performed correctly all these steps and Windows completes the system restoring process, you should be able to use your computer once again without errors and other problems that forced you to use the System Restore utility.

This guide applies to Windows 7, Vista and XP.

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