How To Enable Facebook Chat IM Function In Hotmail And Windows Live Messenger


How To Enable Facebook Chat IM Function In Hotmail And Windows Live Messenger

Facebook Chat is one of the best features comprised within Facebook, and because the Facebook’s numbers of active user continues to grow, I’m sure that the Facebook Chat IM will shortly become one of the most popular instant messaging utilities.

In this post you will find important info about how you can integrate and access the Facebook Chat IM service right from your Hotmail account, without the Windows Live Messenger, as the WLM 2011 will feature the Facebook Chat service and this means that from now on the Windows Live users will be the same ones used on the Hotmail web service, while the Hotmail users will be able to view the Windows Live Messenger friends and the Facebook friends in a single location without the need of closing Hotmail, otherwise this required you to close Hotmail and open Facebook Chat to chat with your friends. This news are great as you can chat with your Facebook friends right from your Hotmail web interface and by doing this you won’t lose time with closing Hotmail, then opening Facebook and so on.

If you wish to connect the Facebook Chat into Hotmail Messenger, you will have to add a connection link between your Facebook and Windows Live accounts. In order to connect your Facebook account with your Windows Live account you will have to check the option that says ‘Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger’. Also, you should that if this link is already enabled, then you should see your Facebook friends immediately after you log into your Hotmail account. Now, below you can find a better structured guide that will explain for you how to to connect and chat with your Facebook friends throught he Hotmail web interface or via Windows Live Messenger:

  1. Open and log into your Hotmail account.

  2. Now you have to point the mouse to ‘Messenger’ menu and from its menu, select ‘Profile’.

  3. Now look under the ‘Connect To’ menu and click ‘Connect’.

  4. Select Facebook and after that you have to check the ‘Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger’ option which is under the ‘Share on Windows Live’ menu. Now click Connect.

  5. Now open Facebook and login with your ID and Password. If Facebook asks you if you wish to allow Hotmail to access Facebook Chat, please confirm this action.

  6. When you have successfully connected your Facebook account with Messenger then a new group friends menu, called Facebook, should be displayed in the Hotmail messenger.  Enjoy.

That’s it, from now on you are able to use the Facebook Chat in Hotmail and if you wish to chat with your Facebook friends, you simply have to click their name in the Hotmail inbox and this will bring up an instant messaging screen. After you confirmed that Windows Live is allowed to access your Facebook account, the Facebook Chat service will work on all Windows Live technologies installed on other devices and web interfaces such as Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Windows PC and Hotmail accounts.

I hope that you found this guide helpful and that you are happier that you can talk with your Facebook friends in Hotmail.

Hotmail Facebook Chat Is Working

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