How To Add Support For iPhone Apps To Launch On iPad


How To Add Support For  iPhone Apps To Launch On iPad

The iPad device for iPhone has easily established itself as the best gadget recently released and because of this, Apple recently announced that they will host an event where the new iPad 2 will be officially presented and launched. As you know, the iPad can be used to view photos,  watch movies, play music, open documents and also it can be used to run interactive applications for fun.

The application developed for iPad can be found at the Apple’s App Store, as it is the case for iPod Touch and iPhone devices, but there are applications created to work only with the latter devices, which means that on iPad you would have to wait for apple to upgrade the App or, you can simply get used to the fact that there won’t be an iPad version of that respective iPhone App available. That being said, let me tell you that there is a method that you can try and get those iPhone-exclusive applications to work on your iPad and this post contains all the instructions on how you can do that.

AS I’ve told you, the apps developed for iPhone and iPod Touch need to be optimized to fit the screen of the iPad by the developerss before getting released as a final and official edition. But, this process might take a while as they have to make the application fit the iPad screen size and so you won’t see any borders and pixels and, the buttons would be bigger and the iPad version needs support for 4-way orientation support. You can do that but you should know that you need to be an advanced user in order to adapt the iPhone edition of an application, to work on the iPad. Before we get to the instructions guide, you need to know this:

  • The iPad needs to be jailbroken.

  • You have to install the ‘afc2add’ and ‘respring’ packages.

  • You need SSH client or a USB browser or you can use iFile or DiskAid straight from your iPad.

  • In case the application isn’t already installed on your iPad, then you need to access the iPhone files and copy the application’s folder into the ‘/applications’ folder on your PC. After that you need to transfer those files into your iPad’s ‘/applications’ folder. Please note that the app’s permissions need to be changed to 777.

That’s all, now follow the steps below and the iPhone / iPod Touch application will be supported on your iPad:

  1. Go to the application the you wish to feature support for iPad. It should be found in the ‘/var/ mobile/ Applications/ directory.

  2. Now you have to open the ‘info.plist’ file in the app’s main directory.

  3. Now you need to add the text lines present in the image below, after the code line containing ‘MinimumOSVersion’ key :

  • Code Lines To Be Added Into ' info.plist ' File

After that, you need to refresh the device and then you can run the application. Please note that not all the applications designed for iPhone and iPod Touch can be made compatible with your iPad.


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