How To Download / Save Facebook Photos To iPad, iPod Touch And iPhone’s Camera Roll


How To Download / Save Facebook Photos To iPad, iPod Touch And iPhone’s Camera Roll

Facebook keeps growing and the current number of active users nears has reached the 600 million mark and, 200 million of them are accessing Facebook from their mobile devices. This means that 1 in 3 Facebook users is opening Facebook on their mobile devices and this brings us to why this post exists. I think that the most used mobile device, for accessing Facebook, is the iPhone by Apple and this post contains info on how you can download and save Facebook photos in theiPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s Camera Roll function.

This new app is easy to use and if you carefully follow the instructions listed below, you will be capable of downloading the Facebook Photos from your or your friends’ profile pages. The FBPhotoSave app is the application that you have to use and it will work only on iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak. SO, if you don’t a jailbroken iPhone you can read this guide here to learn how to do it.

For this to work, the iOS device needs to be jailbroken and Cydia should be present on your device. Here’s hwo to do it:

  1. Launch Cydia App.

  2. In the Search box enter ‘FBPhotoSave’ text and then hit search.

  3. Now the application will download and your home screen will restart.

  4. Now the ‘FBPhotoSave’ can be used straight from the Facebook App, by launching the Facebook App.

  5. Now browse for the photo you wish to download and when you find it, press and hold the picture until a pop-up message saying ‘Do you want to save this photo?’ appears.

  6. Confirm the action and then the photo will be automatically downloaded and saved on your iPhone.

  7. Enjoy using this new app.

The ‘FBPhotoSave’ application can be downloaded from ‘’ Repo in Cydia App and it will cost you only $.99 cents. You should try and use this new app for Facebook App, as it is capable of downloading and saving Facebook photos fast and correctly straight into your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone’s Camera Roll function.

FBPhotoSave App For iOS Devices

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