How To Turn Off / Disable Windows Firewall In Windows 7


How To Turn Off / Disable Windows Firewall In Windows 7

Windows Firewall is the software application that Windows 7 uses to keep your computer protected against hacking attempts and malware utilities that can get into your system from numerous online and network sources. Windows Firewall can be configured easily, but you should know that it is recommended that an advanced user should edit the Windows 7 Firewall settings.

Windows Firewall allows you to change its settings and permissions for every application installed on your PC, also it allows you to configure the way your computer acts whenever is connected or is attempting to connect to a network. However, despite all these options and the potential ability of the Windows Firewall, some Windows 7 users aren’t happy using it and they prefer a powerful anti-virus application that can handle all the messy work without asking every time if you are sure that you want to open an application or allowing your computer to connect to an unsecure network.

When Windows Firewall is running on your system, it will start to show compatibility issues and conflicts with the other anti-virus applications that you installed on your PC, which means that you have to learn how to completely disable the Windows Firewall in Windows 7. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Control Panel and access the System and Security menu.

  2. Now click the ‘Windows Firewall’ text and on the left menu you should click the ‘Turn Windows Firewall On or Off’ link.

  3. Now you will be presented a new menu and you will have to click turn off Windows Firewall for both, private and public, network types.

  4. Now click OK and that’s it, the Windows Firewall in Windows 7 has been disabled.

Please note, that after you disable Windows Firewall, you should immediately enable firewall from an antivirus application, so that your PC stays protected against any type of malware or hacking attempt. In case you have any questions regarding the instructions listed in this post, you should post them in our comments field.

Windows 7 Firewall Disabled

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