How to Disable the New Facebook Photo Viewer


How to Disable the New Facebook Photo Viewer

More and more people are complaining about the newly released Facebook photo viewer, so it’s no surprise that Zuckerberg already implemented a way to disable it. The pop up viewer, with a black background, can be temporarily removed by a simple push of a button. Also, for Google Chrome users, there is an extension that automatically does things for you, so you will never have to see photos in this mode again.

To switch back to the classic Facebook photo viewer all you have to do is press F5, when browsing through someone’s pictures. The new black slideshow will disappear and the photo will return to its old state. You only have to press this button once, as all pictures within the album can be visible in the old mode. If you switch to another album, or go away from the classic screen, you will have to press F5 again. It’s a bit agonizing, but works.

For those who want it automatically, a Google Chrome extension does the job pretty well. All you have to do is install it, and then the plugin will wait until you view someone’s picture on Facebook. Then, it will automatically “press” F5 so, forget about the new photo viewer. Unfortunately, this plugin is only available for Chrome users, at this moment.

Oldies but Goodies

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