How To Disable / Turn Off Auto Correction While Typing In iPad / iPhone


How To Disable / Turn Off Auto Correction While Typing In iPad / iPhone

iPhone and Ipad Apple devices have a built-in auto correct words while typing feature that is useful to most users, but this feature will eventually manage to annoy you, as some words will automatically replaced when you click Space or Enter and, if you wish to prevent your iPhone from automatically correcting the words, then let me tell you that you are in the right place.

If you would have browsed Cydia more often, then you would know that there is an application that is capable of disabling the auto correction in iPhone. That application is called ManualCorrect and it will solve all your problems regarding typing auto correction for your iPhone or iPad. Also, you should know that this application is free to download and use. The greatest feature of ‘ManualCorrect’ Cydia app is that it allows users to click it once in order to Auto Correct a wrong typed word.

So, if you wish to use ManualCorect App on your iPhone, you will have to own a jailbroken iPhone and look for the application on Cydia. When you find the ManualCorrect App, just click Install and the application will be automatically integrated within your iPhone. ManualCorrect won’t be displayed on your SpringBoard nor on the Settings app. To auto correct a word, you have to simply tap the word. Enjoy.

ManualCorrect Cydia App

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