How To Disable / Enable ( Turn ON / OFF ) ActiveX Filtering In Internet Explorer ( IE9 )


How To Disable / Enable ( Turn ON / OFF ) ActiveX Filtering In Internet Explorer ( IE9 )

ActiveX Filtering is a new component featured by the new Internet Explorer 9 and, it can be used to block and stop ActiveX controls from being automatically launched and played by specific websites.

As you might know, the ActiveX is system used by web developers to create visual interactive contents which afterwards can be embedded on web pages, so that you will be able to play music, videos, stream live events, display animations and other similar interactive content. But, the ActiveX components are risky to use, because most hackers are using ActiveX contents to infect and steal information from computers. That is why Microsoft decided to implement ActiveX Filtering technology into Internet Explorer 9, in order for you to be able to install and use only the safe and secure ActiveX frameworks for your PC.

The ActiveX Filtering will stop, terminate and filter all the suspicious ActiveX elements for all websites and, after that you will be able to set and add only the website that you trust to run the ActiveX contents in Internet Explorer 9. There are 2 methods that you can use: ‘turn on or off ActiveX Filtering for all websites ( global configuration)’ and ‘turn on/off ActiveX Filtering only for individual websites’. Check the instructions of both method below:

How to Disable / Enable ActiveX Filtering In IE9 For All Website ( Global Config )
  1. Launch Internet Explorer 9.

  2. Click the ‘Gear’ button and then select ‘Safety’ menu.

  3. Now you have to click the ‘ActiveX Filtering’ in order for the ‘check/tick’ sign displayed in front of the option disappears. Please note that if that option isn’t ticked, then it means that IE9 ActiveX ¬†Filtering has already been disabled.

  4. If you wish to enable back the IE9 ActiveX Filtering, you will have to tick the ‘ActiveX filtering box.

  5. That’s it, now Internet Explorer 9 has the ActiveX Filtering system disabled.

How To Disable / Enable ActiveX Filtering in IE9 For Individual Websites.
  1. Launch IE9.

  2. Now browse to the website that you wish to whitelist and allow the specified page to run the ActiveX contents in IE9.

  3. Now you will have to locate the ‘NO’ sign ( a blue crossed circle), which is displayed at the end of IE9 addressa bar. Hover over it and you should notice that a tooltip containing the following text is displayed: some contents is filtered on this site’. Click it.

  4. Now click the ‘Turn off ActiveX Filtering’ and Internet Explorer 9 will refresh the webpage and the ‘no’ sign will appear in gray color.

  5. In order to turn back on the ActiveX Filtering for a specific website, you will have to click the same ‘no’ icon and after that you will have to click ‘Turn on ActiveX Filtering’ and that sign will be blue.

  6. Enjoy.

Turn Off ActiveX Filtering In IE9

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