20 Tips & Tricks To Extend / Improve Windows Phone 7 Battery Life


20 Tips & Tricks To Extend / Improve Windows Phone 7 Battery Life

As a proud owner of a HTC 7 Mozart, I’ve noticed that battery life is not that great. Maybe it’s the fault of the ¬†1,300mAh battery, maybe I need to many stuff, maybe I should blame the Windows Phone 7 platform. Well, I’ve compiled a list of Windows Phone 7 tips & tricks that will help you improve your battery life.

1. Blueooth, WiFi, and 3G

You don’t need Bluetooth all the time, therefore you should turn it off. I can say the same thing about WiFi. Do you really need to be connected to a WiFi network all the time? Do you really want to eat battery life while searching for new WiFi networks? No! Then turn it off. Also you don’t browser all the time therefore it’s best to disable 3G Data under Settings -> Cellular because you don’t need 3G data.

2. Location services

Keeping location on will drain your Windows Phone ¬†7 battery life crazy. Go to Settings -> Location and choose “off” cause the GPS loves the mAhs found in your battery. Also check to see if any apps are allowed to access your location and turn this feature off. Yes, it will eat your battery.

3. Brightness

Setting your brightness to auto is not a good idea if you want to preserve battery. Go to Settings -> Brightness and set this option to “low”.

4. Lock screen

WP7 allows users to set a screen lock timeout and it’s the best for you to keep it at minimum. Set your WP7 device to lock its screen after 30 seconds by going to Settings -> Lock & Wallpaper. If I’d have a setting for 20 seconds, then I’d use it right away, but the minimum setting is 30 seconds.

5. Theme

Set your theme to “black” instead of “white” because the former “needs” less battery than the latter. You can find this under Settings -> Theme.

6. Ringtones

WP7 doesn’t allow you to fully customize your ringtones therefore you’re stuck with HTC sounds for calling, IM, email, and SMS alerts. That’s not a bad thing. Select shorter ringtones and turn “OFF” vibrate.

Please note that the three WP7 buttons will still vibrate no matter what and we expect Microsoft to turn off this feature in future updates.

Select “Play a sound for” ¬†appointment reminders and that’s it. You don’t need to hear a sound each time you press a key and each time you lock/unlock your device. And you certainly don’t need a sound for other notifications.

7. Volume

If you do not live in a noisy environment, then you will hear your device. Hit the unlock button, then press the volume levels and take it down to 10 or 15.

8. Listening to music

If you listen to music often on your WP7, then please lock your screen unless you’re doing something else with the device.

9. Synchronization

Wireless sync is a cool feature and I appreciate that Microsoft added it from the beginning. Sadly, this feature drains your battery so sync your WP7 via a USB cable which will also recharge your device.

10. Email sync

Receiving emails gives you a nice feeling, but do you really need to see all the emails as they come? Sure, you need the same amount of data to download them, but you can do a couple of things to improve battery life: go to Settings -> email & accounts and add ONLY the email accounts you actually need. Then go to the settings of your Google, Windows Live, or Yahoo account and set Download new content “manually” and Download email from “the last 7 days.”

And if you are not an avid Facebook user, then don’t even add a Facebook account. Facebook will update itself automatically and you can wave goodbye to your battery.

11. Xbox Live support

Windows Phone 7 comes with Xbox Live integration which is turned on by default. Go to Settings, swipe right to go to Applications settings, then go to “games” and turn off the “Connect to Xbox Live” option. If you’re not playing games on your WP7, then you don’t need this feature enabled.

12. Windows Phone 7 feedback

Microsoft would love to get your feedback to help improving Windows Phone 7. This feature should be on, but it eats battery life because it will access your data connection. If you are satisfied with your WP7 device, then go to Settings -> Feedback and set it to “off.”

13. Social Applications and Hubs

The default settings of social apps like Twitter, Seesmic, and Facebook are to automatically refresh, however, set the apps to manually refresh and everything will be better. Each time you visit your Facebook account via the WP7 integration “Me” or under the People hub, this will eat your battery so visit these hubs less often.

14. Find my phone

This feature must be kept on all the time in case you lose your phone or if someone steals it. However, if you find yourself in the 0.000000001% category of people who feel safe in this world, turn the feature off. I repeat: it’s recommended that you keep it on, but if you have enough money and don’t store important personal details on your WP7, turn it off under Settings -> Find my phone.

15. HTC Hub

The HTC Hub is pretty cool because it’s HTC’s Sense UI implementation into Windows Phone 7. It displays the weather, featured apps, the clock, the date, and other details. Well, this baby eats battery too. If you want to preserve battery, then go to HTC Hub -> Settings. Uncheck “use location” and assign a location (the location where you spend most of your time).

Also set the Update Schedule to Every 3 hours or more. Don’t set it to update every 1 hour because I doubt that you need to check the weather so often. The best setting would be to update it once a day and if you truly need weather information, then check “Update when opened” and uncheck “Download data automatically.” This will prevent the HTC Hub to update itself automatically, and the weather data will be downloaded only when you open it.

16. SMS delivery confirmation

This is the most annoying stuff ever developed. Your SMS will arrive unless your network really sucks. I send a lot of SMS text messages and if I’d leave this feature on, then I’d receive twice the amount of SMSs. Go to Settings, swipe to get to Application settings and then go to Messaging. Turn off the SMS delivery confirmation feature.

17. Connect with Zune

I don’t use my WP7 to listen to music. This feature is not important to me. And if you don’t need your WP7 to automatically download information about artists, songs, or whatever, then go to Settings, Applications -> music + videos and turn the “Connect with Zune” feature off.

18. OneNote sync

OneNote, a part of Microsoft Office for Mobile, allows users to sync their notes, opened pages, saved pages, and more into the cloud. This feature is On by default so go to Settings, Applications -> Office -> OneNote and turn Off automatic sync.

19. SkyDrive

When you purchase a WP7 device, you automatically get a SkyDrive account for free. And when you take photos, they are automatically uploaded to SkyDrive. If you don’t use SkyDrive because you simply don’t need it, then go to Settings, Applications -> pictures + camera and turn Off the “Auto upload to SkyDrive” option. Uploading photos needs data service which drains battery.

20. Recharge your battery

All WP7 devices come with a microUSB port. This is a standard in all Europe and most US phones have it. This means that you must have a USB cable somewhere and if you ride your own car on your way to work, then you must have a microUSB car charger so plug it in your WP7 device. No, really: just plug it in whenever you get the chance. Let me know if I missed something and if there are other ways to improve your Windows Phone 7 battery life! Share your discoveries in the comments section below!

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