How to temporarily block websites in Google Chrome


How to temporarily block websites in Google Chrome

Using a simple extension, you now have the possibility to temporarily block websites in Google Chrome. The company has just released this feature, which allows you to send those nasty search results right where they came from. This can be done at a simple press of a button, and undone in the same matter. The add-on is simple to install, use and manage.

Going by the name of Personal Blocklist, this Google Chrome extension that blocks every unwanted website out there is currently used by 14,479 users and highly appreciated by more than 10% of them. Now that may not be quite a significant process, but we can assure you that the results are well deserved. Google is struggling to fight spamming, content farming and other obscure tactics by filtering search results but, sometimes robots can’t do everything. That’s why we highly recommend this plugin.

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Unfortunately, the extension can’t be used in Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer ( IE ). The giant is keeping the goods just for himself and, as a bit of a chaos theory believer, I think that the usage of this extension will be tracked by Google. For the rest of the world, not using Chrome, we will try to find alternatives and post them right away.

I have to say that the Personal Blocklist is available for almost every Google Chrome version out there, even for the latest one. I personally used it on Chrome 10, also known as Canary. Now let me guide you through the installing steps and drop a few words on how to use this.

  1. Navigate to the main page and install the extension by clicking on the big button, like below.

  2. A confirmation message will appear in the top-right part of the screen.

  3. Now everytime you will search for something, nice thoughts about Justin Bieber in my case, you will have a “Block Website” option, near the results. Click it to block the whole domain.

  4. As you see below, I typed the same query but my blocked website doesn’t appear any more.

  5. To undo the process, simply scroll at the bottom of the page and click on “Show”.

  6. This will make all those unwanted results appear in a red background, right where they were on the first time.

Now that wasn’t so hard, wasn’t it? Remember, by blocking these websites from your internet activity you are actually adding them to a blacklist. Google will restrict access to this list, unless you click the “Show” button.

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