How To Receive / Get 1000 Free Bonus Rollover Minutes Promotion From AT&T


How To Receive / Get 1000 Free Bonus Rollover Minutes Promotion From AT&T

As you know, iPhone 4 is no longer available exclusively from AT&T, because Apple decided to offer their devices to Verizon to be sold and themed with Verizon giant. Because of this change, more and more users are tempted to switch from AT&T to Verizon and now AT&T is looking to stop such users from changing carrier and, in order to do this, AT&T decided to offer something extra for their customers that are currently owning an iPhone 4.

So, AT&T decided to send to some of their subscribers and customers a SMS text message containing info on how they can get their hands on an offer featuring 1000 bonus rollover minutes added to their number for free. This promotion seems to be available for all the AT&T users and if you haven’t received it, then you should not worry as it appears to work for all AT&T users that are currently owning other devices than iPhone, such as smartphones running on Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry and all the other phones.

The SMS text message sent by AT&T states that all the AT&T users are important and that they wish to offer 1000 bonus rollover minutes freely and, that this is their method of saying thank you because the users stood with AT&T. So, here’s how you can benefit from 1000 bonus rollover minutes for free from AT&T in case you are an AT&T user, but ¬†you haven’t received that specific SMS text :

  1. Create a new SMS text messages.

  2. Into the destination number field you will have to enter the following number: 11113020.

  3. In the text field you will have to type the following text: YES.

  4. Send the SMS text messages and shortly after you should receive a SMS reply text stating that AT&T are grateful that you decided to accept their 1000 bonus rollover minutes and that they will process your request in about 4 weeks time.

After that message you should verify your AT&T account and see if the promotion has been applied. Please note that this offer will end when March 31st, 2011 date is reached.

AT&T is trying to keep up the step with Verizon, but considering that Verizon now is distributing the iPhone 4 models, it means that more and more users are tempted to switch from AT&T and deciding to use the Verizon Communications services. I’m sorry if what I’m about to say offend some other non-iPhone users, but we all have to accept the fact that the release of the iPhone 4 was a success and that it is currently one of the best smartphones currently on the market. Now everyone awaits Apple to announce the new iPhone model.

I hope that these instructions worked for you and if it did, please notify us by posting your opinion in our comments field.

AT&T 1000 Free Rollover Minutes

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