How To Delete / Clear Files And Folders History From Windows 7 Explorer


How To Delete / Clear Files And Folders History From Windows 7 Explorer

Windows Explorer is a main element of the Windows 7 OS and without it users are unable to browse the contents in their computers.And as you know, the Windows Explorer keeps a record of all the files and folders you have accessed in Windows 7, which means that any other user who has access to your PC, will be able to see what kind of applications you run, games you play, music you listen, picture you opened, mainly all the actions that you perform within Windows Explorer.

So, this bring us to why I’ve created this post. This post contains the instructions that will teach you how to clear the history of the recent accessed files and folders. As you know the files and folders that you have recently visited in your computer, will auto-complete the search and anyone that uses the Windows Explorer address bar can notice the searches made by you. If you wish to clear the Windows Explorer history in Win7, then you should follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Open the Windows Explorer.

  2. When the address bar is not in focus, you should right click the Location Bar. Libraries text should be the right-clicked one.

  3. Now a context menu appears and you have to click Delete history.

  4. Now all the history in the Windows Explorer 7 has been deleted.

That’s it, I hope that you managed to understand the instructions and that from now on you know how to clear the files and folders history in Windows Explorer.

Empty Windows Explorer History

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