How To Switch Between Applications With LastApp In iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone


How To Switch Between Applications With LastApp In iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone

Switching between screen and menus in Windows is easy, as you simply have to press simultaneously the ALT+Tab keys and Windows will switch automatically between tabs. But, if you were wondering if this type of action whether it can or can’t be performed on an iPhone, then let me tell that the answer is ‘Yes’, there is a method that you can try to use and switch through tabs and application on your iPhone.

For your iPhone to feature support for switching tabs, you will have to use a small utility named LastApp. The developers of LastApp are stating that their application is capable of adding a new feature to your iOS device, which will enable you to switch between screens in your iPad, iPod Touch or in you iPhone 4. Please note that this guide is destined for the jailbreak iOS devices. Here’s how to enable applications switching in your iPhone 4 with LastApp program:

  1. Launch Cydia.

  2. In the Search field ¬†enter ‘LastApp’ and your iOS device will display the app..

  3. Download LastApp and then Install it.

  4. Now wait until the HomeScreen will reboot, so that the app will successfully install.

  5. Now you have to tap ‘Settings’, then go to ‘Activator settings’ and select ‘In Application’. In this menu you will be capable of selecting the application switching options, like these one: shake the iPhone or, you can press twice the Home button or, you can choose to press and hold the sleep button for a short period of time. Select one of these actions and when you use it, the applications will automatically switch between them in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices.

This applications is great and you should use it, especially if you’re more of a ‘multi-tasking’ person and you enhoy using multiple applications at the same time. For any question that you might have, please use the Comments box ¬†located at the end of this post.

LastApp Tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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