How To Set / Use Google Search As Default In Internet Explorer 9 ( IE9 )


How To Set / Use Google Search As Default In Internet Explorer 9 ( IE9 )

Internet Explorer 9 beta has been released from some time now and it has been received with mixed reviews, with some saying that the IE9 is a step forward, while others are saying that there is still lots of work to be done before IE9 can be called a success. However, Microsoft assured users that the final edition of IE9 will offers tons of new possibilities and features for a better web browsing experience.

This post contains the instructions on how you can change the default search engine of IE9, which is Bing, to the mammooth Google Search Engine. Changing the default search engine for IE9 is easy and you will be able to do it even if your computer skills aren’t the ones of an advanced user. As you may know, the IE9 address bar uses the 2-in-1 style and it is much more compact than the ones used for the previous editions of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft hopes that the IE9 will no longer be called the ‘the best browser used to download other browsers’ and if that happens, it will mean that IE9 will re-gain advantage over the other Internet web browsers, such as Firefox or Google’s Chrome.

Here are the instructions that will help you set the Google Search Engine as default for Internet Explorer 9:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer 9.

  2. Click ‘Settings’ and from the drop-down menu select ‘Manage Add-Ons’.

  3. Now you should see the Manage Add-Ons screen and here click ‘Search Providers’, which will display the Bing search engine as the default used.

  4. Now to find other search engines you will have to click on the ‘Find more search providers’.

  5. From the Microsoft Add-On website for the search engine providers select any of the listed search engine you wish to use. You can choose from the Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, ESPN, Facebook, Lyrics, and others more.

  6. Select Google and click on ‘Add to Internet Explorer’, for the search engine to be added to IE9.

  7. Now IE9 will ask you if you wish to add Google as the default search engine provider and you will have to tick the box that says ‘make this my default search provider’. Click Add. Please note that Google’s ‘search suggestions’ feature is enabled by default and if you wish to block it, you will have to un-tick the ‘Use search suggestions from this provider’ box.

  8. Now the Google search has been added to your IE9 and you can close Manage Add-Ons menu.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to set the Google Search as the default one for the Internet Explorer 9.


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