How To Enable Call Waiting On Windows Phone 7 Devices


How To Enable Call Waiting On Windows Phone 7 Devices

I’ve noticed that the call waiting feature is disabled on my HTC 7 Mozart therefore I looked for a way to enable it because I spend a lot of time talking on the phone and this is an option I really need. Well, it’s pretty easy to enable call waiting on a Windows Phone 7 and don’t worry because it works on all devices as this is not a phone option, it’s a carrier option.

So if you carrier supports call waiting for free, then you can enable it by dialing *43# and after a couple of seconds, you will be welcomed by a “Succeeded” message from your carrier. Sadly, there is no option in Windows Phone 7 under the Settings area to enable call waiting, and it’s really weird that Microsoft didn’t see this as an important option.

Please note that dialing *43# will enable call waiting on your device and if you want to disable it, then you will need to dial *43# once again.

Attention! This only works for the call waiting feature as “call forwarding” and “show caller ID” are available in Windows Phone 7 under the Settings menu. If you’re a WP7 user then you can discuss more about this platform at our forum here!

Windows Phone 7 Phone Settings Without Call Waiting

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