How To Add ‘My Computer’ To Windows 7 / Vista Taskbar


How To Add ‘My Computer’ To Windows 7 / Vista Taskbar

My Computer is the icon that you need to double-click, in order to gain access to all the files stored currently on your computer. Most users are hating the icons displayed on their desktops and so they wish for another method that could help them have the My Computer menu on their PC, but displayed elsewhere, so that it won’t annoy them.

So, this leaves the Windows Taskbar, as the right place that you can use to store the ‘My Computer’ icon. Below you can find the instructions that will help get rid of the My Computer icon from your desktop and place it on Windows Taskbar. Remember that this will work for Windows 7 and Vista.

  1. First you need to right-click the Windows taskbar and select ‘Toolbars’ from the context menu.

  2. Now you need to click ‘New Toolbar’.

  3. Browse until you find the ‘My Computer’ icon, select it.

  4. Now click Select Folder and the new ‘My Computer’ icon has been set as a toolbar menu on your Windows 7 / Vista taskbar. Neat isn’t it?

Now if you wish to access drive partition, you simply have to click the arrows and select which ever drive you wish to access, right form the taskbar.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to add My Computer icon as a taskbar toolbar menu. I hope that you found this guide helpful and you can continue browsing our website for other interesting posts. Also, if you suspect that your computer is infected with malware, Softsailor is the right place for you, as you will find removal guides for all kinds of virus infections.

My Computer Icon On Windows Taskbar

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