How To Minimize iTunes App Into Windows System Tray


How To Minimize iTunes App Into Windows System Tray

Ever wondered if there is a method that you can use to minimize the iTunes app into your Windows System Tray? If yes and you didn’t find out how to do it, then let me tell that this is possible and you simply need to browse the iTunes settings options.

Minimizing the iTunes app to system tray will help you gain space on the Windows taskbar and so you can perform multiple tasks at the same time. Considering that almost everyone keeps most of their important application opened, especially those that are multimedia, then this guide will help you and you will be able to keep minimizing the work-related windows into the taskbar, while the media apps can be sent to the Windows System Tray. So, if you wish to learn how to do it, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the iTunes program.

  2. Now click on Edit and select Preferences.

  3. Click on the Advanced tab and look through the options.

  4. Now you need to check the ‘Show iTunes icon in system tray’ box and also, check the ‘Minimize iTunes window to system tray’ option.

  5. Hit the OK button and that’s it.

From now on the iTunes app will be displayed into Windows System Tray. To maximize it, you will have to click the small iTunes tray icon. I hope that this guide was helpful and that from now on your small LCD screen will allow you to work with much more applications at the same time.

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Minimize iTunes to Windows System Tray

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