How To Stop Zune From Re-Locking Your HTC Windows Phone 7


How To Stop Zune From Re-Locking  Your HTC Windows Phone 7

ChevronWP7 is a software tool that you can use to prevent Zune from re-locking your HTC Windows Phone 7 gadget. This tool will allow you to install some homemade files .XAP files or applications, without the possibility of Zune re-locking your WP7 device.

Windows Phone 7 OS has been released in November 2010 in North America and more and more devices are currently in the process of being released. This post contains important info about how you can stop and block Zune from re-locking your device after a sync update operation is done on your HTC device. Also, you should know that this only works for the HTC devices, with WP7 OS running.

Below you can find the steps that you need to in order to prevent Zune from re-locking your HTC WP7 device, after the ChevronWP7 has been used to unlock the phone.

  1. Download the TouchXplorer zip file by clicking here.

  2. Extract the contents of the zip file in your PC.

  3. After all the .XAP files were unzipped, you have to install them onto your HTC WP7 device.

  4. Download HTC Connection Setup For Windows Phone 7 from here and install it on your HTC.

  5. Use your WP7 device to open the TouchXplorer application and you will have to copy the following file: My Documents My Ringtone CustClear.provxml; and place it into the following HTC WP7 folder: Windows.

  6. Now you have to run the HTC Connection Setup on the HTC and press the check button.

Now you can go ahead and sync the WP7 device with Zune and, the service won’t be able to relock your device. For more details you can use the XDA thread forum by clicking here. Please remember that this will work only for HTC WP7 unlocked with the ChevronWP7 utility, while for the other WP7 devices you need to wait until such hack is available.

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