How to update Samsung Vibrant to Android 2.2 ( Froyo )


How to update Samsung Vibrant to Android 2.2 ( Froyo )

In the following guide we are going to show you how to update the Samsung Vibrant to Android 2.2. Froyo has finally reached vibrating shores, courtesy of Kies, and it will enhance your smartphone with Wi-Fi calling, USB and Wi-Fi tethering, Flash 10.1 support, a new browser, interface and other meaningful upgrades. It is recommended you follow our instructions and install this, because this is the only way you can get Froyo. Carriers have announced that an OTA version is out of the question, so this manual way is your only option.

Before we start, we strongly recommend that you backup all of your data. Although the update is not expected to erase any files, bad things could happen. You will also need a Windows running computer, MAC’s are not supported on this stage. Make sure that your phone’s OS build is T959UVJI6 before proceeding, because build T959UVJFD (aka JFD) is having some issues. You can check this by going to Settings -> About Phone. After the process completes your current build is going to be KA6.

Other important things to be known:

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged.

  • Disable your computer’s firewall and antivirus.

  • This works only if you are not rooted.

    Samsung Vibrant on Froyo

How to manually update Samsung Vibrant to Android 2.2 ( Froyo )
  1. Download and install Kies. If you already have it, skip this step.

  2. On the Vibrant, press on Menu and then tap Settings-> Applications -> USB settings. Now click on “Ask on connection”. Press Home to exit the menu.

  3. Connect the Vibrant to your PC using an USB cable. Let the PC install the phone’s drivers and then unplug it.

  4. Open Kies and then plug the Vibrant back in.

  5. Select Samsung Kies on the phone prompt.

  6. Kies should prompt about a phone upgrade. Click on the magic button.

    The Magic Button

  7. Follow the on screen instructions to get this done.

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