How To Create / Add New Folder In iPhone 4


How To Create / Add New Folder In iPhone 4

I’m not the biggest fan of the iPhone 4, but I must admit that Apple did a pretty good work with it, as this gadget is the most popular smartphone on the market, for the moment.

What’s great about the iPhone 4, is that you can use the App Store, or other 3rd party source, to download and install applications, which also need to be placed in folders for proper organization. However, there are users that wish to know if there is a way to add extra folders for a much better organization and, by creating new folders they would have easier and more accurate access to the application they wish to use. So, that’s why I’ve made this post, to help you learn how to create new folders in iPhone 4. The instructions that you need to follow are listed below:

  1. Tap and hold any of the iPhone 4 icon, until it starts to wiggle.

  2. When the icon is in wiggling mode, you need to drag it over another app icon and this will force the iPhone 4 to make a new folder with those 2 application within.

  3. Now the folder has a default name, but the iPhone 4 will asks you enter the name of the new folder.

  4. Type in the name in its respective field.

  5. Now tap the ‘Home’ button and this will save the settings and the folder should appear accordingly.

Now those two applications and the others added afterwards, by using the drag and drop technique, can be accessed from the newly created folder. Enjoy. ¬†Also, if you wish to delete that folder, you will have to press it and then move the application out of the folder and that’s it. Remember that a single folder can only support 12 app icons. I hope that this guide helped you and that from now on you know how to create new folders in your iPhone 4 gadget.

Create New Folder In iPhone 4

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