How to update Samsung Acclaim to Android 2.2 ( Froyo )


How to update Samsung Acclaim to Android 2.2 ( Froyo )

In the following guide you will learn how to update the Samsung Acclaim to Android 2.2. This guide will quickly install Froyo on your device and get all of those upgrades, including Flash support. The update comes directly from US Cellular and it’s handmade. This means it’s a bit of exclusivity so devices on other carriers or unlocked are not guaranteed success.

By installing the Android 2.2 update on the Samsung Acclaim you will be rewarded with a smoother user experience, a faster browsing experience, Flash 10.1 and AIR support, push messaging, audio and media improvements, Android Market updates, tethering and HotSpot features plus, Microsoft Access support.

As for the method chosen by Samsung to implement this update, OTA has been taken out of the question. Bellow you will find the link to a simple .exe file, which contains all the things needed. Even a mini updating software. I guess that if you are a smart boy you can separate the update from all other things not needed and install it on an unlocked phone. For those successful, we await your comments. For the rest of us, regular guys, the process will only take a couple of minutes and just 102 MB of space.

You are going to need a PC / MAC, an USB cable and of course, an US Cellular Samsung Acclaim.

Installing Froyo on Samsung Acclaim

How to update Samsung Acclaim to Android 2.2

The installation should only take a couple of seconds, as all instructions have been built within the executable. That means all you have to do is to download the Froyo update and follow the on screen steps.

  1. Browse to Samsung’s website, click on Software and then EXE symbol to begin downloading the Froyo update.

    Like this

  2. Now connect the Acclaim to the computer using an USB cable.

  3. Double click on the file we previously downloaded and follow the on board instructions. Samsung will get you there.

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