How to remove Gmail Ads ( Disable guide )


How to remove Gmail Ads ( Disable guide )

In the following guide I will show you how to remove or disable the Gmail Ads. Although they are just a line long, sometimes they can be a very frustrating acquisition to the Google inbox. The disabling process is not a complicated one, but it has some drawbacks, as the Ads are not a separate feature of Gmail. We will have to also remove Web Clips, the part were the ads are being shown.

Web Clips is the tiny box above all of your emails, that displays information related to your inbox, like a rotating RSS feed. It is also used to show Gmail tips, ads and custom content. All these features are included and there is no way of silencing just the ads. If you are looking for customization only tips, I can say that you may choose to display only RSS feed, news and content of a specific category. But these tricks don’t scare ads.

Gmail Web Clips

All you have to do is to remove Web Clips by doing the followings:

  1. Go to your Gmail account.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Now on the Web Clips tab.

  4. Untick the “Show my web clips above the Inbox” box.

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