How To Uninstall / Remove Programs From Mac OS X Computers


How To Uninstall / Remove Programs From Mac OS X Computers

If you were a Windows user and now you decided to switch to a Mac Computer, then it means that you know that these two computer are different and you might not know how to use all the features that a Mac comprises, such as how to easily uninstall an application on Mac OS X. But, if you found this post, then you should not worry anymore as this guide will teach you how to remove a program successfully from Mac.

Installing an application on a Windows PC or on a Mac, are two pretty similar actions, despite the fact that both computers are using different extensions and other installation algorithms and, if you previously used a Windows PC, then you might find the Mac OS X computer a little harder to control, but after a while you get used to it. However, if you wish to uninstall a program from your system, then this might get a little tricky and that’s why I’ve created this post.

This articles contains a guide that will teach you how you can get rid of an application from Mac OS X easily and fast. So, if you wish to learn how to do it, then you should follow the steps listed below:

  1. First thing to do is to double click the “Macintosh HD’ on the Mac’s desktop.

  2. Now the Mac computer will show several contents, like the System, Application and Library files.

  3. Now you should double-click ‘Applications’, which will open all the software programs you have currently installed on your Mac OS X computer.

  4. Browse the Applications list and when you found the program you wish to remove, press CTRL and hold it, until you notice the menu with options and actions that the Mac allows you to perform.

  5. Click ‘Move to trash’ and the program you selected will be removed.

I hope that this guide helped you and, that from now on you know how to remove a program from your Mac successfully.


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