How To Use Keyboard Shortcuts In Facebook


How To Use Keyboard Shortcuts In Facebook

Facebook doesn’t need any presentation and everybody knows that it is the most popular social networking website, with more than 500 million active users. In this article you can find info about the Facebook keyboard shortcuts and how to use them while browsing through the website.

Such keyboard shortcuts will help you easily access numerous areas of Facebook and so you can browse faster through wall posts, friends list, messages list, settings menu etc. Facebook added support for this feature a while back and since then, I was able to browse much faster and easier than ever before and I recommend you to try learning and using the keyboard shortcuts for your Facebook Profile. However, there will be some areas that will require you to use the ‘beloved’ mouse cursor, as there isn’t a keyboard shortcut set for every single Facebook area.

This ‘how to’ Facebook guide isn’t the single one that you will find on our website, as there are posts that will help you insert emoticons in the Facebook Chat or how to enable the new Facebook profile, also there is a guide that you can use to learn how to install an application that will help you see who looked at your Facebook profile and how you can get rid of the tagged photos displayed on your Facebook wall or how you can go ‘invisible’ mode in Facebook Chat.

Below are the keyboard shortcut combinations that you can use to access Facebook menus faster and easier. Please note that you will have to press both keys at the same time.


  • Alt+1 – will take you to the Home menu.

  • Alt+2 – will take you to the Wall menu.

  • Alt+3 – will display the Friends Request List

  • Alt+4 – will show the Messages list.

  • Alt+5 – will display the Notification list.

  • Alt+6 – will display the Facebook Account settings page.

  • Alt+7 – will show the Facebook Account privacy config menu.

  • Alt+8 – will show the Facebook fans group list.

  • Alt+9 – will display the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

  • Alt+0 – will show the Facebook Help Center.

  • Alt+m – will allow you to create a new message.

  • Alt+? – will enable the cursor in the Search field

These are all the keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate easier through your Facebook profile. Please note that the ‘+’ sign should not be entered, as I’ve typed it to easily show the keys you need to press on your keyboard and, also you need to know that this will work for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. If you’re using Firefox then you should hold the SHIFT key along with the keyboard shortcuts. That’s it. Enjoy using Facebook with these shortcuts. In case you know other shortcuts, please share them in our comments field.I hope that you found this guide helpful and you should share it with your friends also.

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