How To Fix / Repair The Mac App Store Request Error 100


How To Fix / Repair The Mac App Store Request Error 100

Apple recently released their platform, Mac App Store, for distributing applications for Mac OS X,but as it usually happens, no release comes without problems and several users have complained about noticing error messages when trying to download an application from the Mac App Store.

Mac App Store uses almost the same interface as the one used for iOS, because it feature several iOS icons and, its content interface is very similar to the one used by Apple for the iTunes Store, so that the Apple enthusiasts will feel at home when accessing their new service for Mac OS X computers. However, there were many users that were complaining about the fact that an error appears, when trying to download applications from the Mac App Store, but you shouldn’t worry as in this post you find the instructions on how to fix such problems. This article contains info that will help you repair the ‘Mac App Store Request Error 100′, that sounds something like this: “We could not complete your App Store request. An unknown error occured (100). There was an error in the App Store. Please try again later”.

Mac App Store Request Error 100

The Mac App Store Request Error 100 appears because of broken caches or because the iTunes Terms and Conditions aren’t being displayed when they should and so the user is unable to click accept, action that permits users to download the application. Now, if you wish to fix this problem with the Mac App Store, then you should follow the following steps:

  1. First thing that you have to do is to log out from the Mac App Store. This can be done from the Store menu options.

  2. Now you need to Quit and close the Mac App Store application.

  3. Sign out from your Mac OS X user profile.

  4. Now log back in your Mac OS X user profile.

  5. Open the Mac App Store.

  6. Log into the Mac App Store.

  7. Now try to download the application once again, as it should work. However, in case it won’t work, you should consider restarting and trying again to download the app when the Mac PC resumes desktop.

I hope that this guide helped you get rid of the Mac App Store Request Error and that you managed to download the applications. Also, you can try to delete the contents in the ~Library/ Caches and /Library/Caches and after that restart the Mac AppStore.

Mac App Store

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