How to add a signature to your Hotmail account


In order to do so you have to sign in to the Windows Live Hotmail and click on Options in right corner then click More Options then you will have to go to Customize Your Mail menu. From the menu, click on Personal email Signature. A signature window will open.

After that you have to type your signature in the box. If you would like to add an image to your signature, you must copy the image URL and paste it into your signature text box (the end of the URL must be .jpeg ). You can also add an animated image, in order to do so the end of the URL must be .gif .You must also make sure that Show the rich-text toolbar is unchecked and also you must turn off the Rich-Text Editor by selecting it from the drop down list while composing email. Make sure that the image you chose is from an active Internet Website.

You can modify the text, change alignment or add emoticons using the icons above the text box.
If you want to insert a hyperlink you must click the Glove icon to insert and add a webpage into your signature

Click the Save button and you’re finished.

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