How to Scan QR Codes with a BlackBerry Phone ( Free )


How to Scan QR Codes with a BlackBerry Phone ( Free )

In the following guide you will learn how to scan a QR code using a BlackBerry smartphone. This will be done using a simple and free application called Code Muncher. It is the simplest way to do it, because you only have to point the camera on the code and let the Muncher do the rest. In the present, this app is only available to smartphones that run BB OS6, like the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and Torch 9800.

Starting with the beginning, QR codes are bidimensional codes that can be custom created to represent an website link, a video on YouTube, an application or even a piece of information. These codes can be found on every medium out there, from plain paper to a website. Nowadays, they are used often because they simplify things out. Instead of manually typing a long link on your QWERTY keyboard ( no offense, we know you are fast ), you can simply use an application to get that link for you. This way, there is no room for errors or typos. Also, QR codes are used for calling numbers, saving contacts or sending text messages.

Scanning QR codes

In order to use QR codes with the BlackBerry, you need a scanning application. These applications scan the code, just like at the shop, and interpret the information found. Although they are not missing from the CrackBerry Market, most of them are hard to use or, pricey. This is where Code Muncher comes in.

Code Muncher is a free BlackBerry application that lets you scan QR codes in a heartbeat. How to do it? Well, simply start it, point the camera to the desired QR code and then press the magic button. Muncher will interpret the information right away and that’s it. As for options and customization, the QR code scanner by the name Muncher lets you change the sounds heard when completing a scan or the color of the menu.

The best part of this app is the price: free. This comes with a cost, as you will endure some ads displaying and that’s about it. For those who want a better level, add free of course, you can download the paid version for just just $0.99. Download links after the break:

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