How To Add Another / Additional / Extra Time Zone For The Windows 7 Clock


How To Add Another / Additional / Extra Time Zone For The Windows 7 Clock

In this article you will find out how to configure Windows 7 to show the time for different time zones, which should be a great help for users, whose work involve interacting with people that are based in countries located in other time zones. If you didn’t knew until now, Windows 7 contains support for displaying more than a single clock, which means that you can use this feature to add clocks for different time zones.

Using this feature in Windows 7, it means that you won’t have to download any 3rd party application, that might make your computer work slow. After you configure and add new time zones fro the Windows 7 clock, you will have to hover over the clock to be able to see the current time in those different locations. Windows 7 allows you to set two extra clocks, and each of them can show the time in different locations worldwide. So, if you wish to set your Windows 7 clock other time zones, besides your current one, then you should follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Click the Windows 7 clock, which is located on the taskbar.

  2. Now click on the ‘ Change date and time settings’ link.

  3. Go to “Date and Time’ and click on the ‘Additional Clocks’ option.

  4. Now you have to select and check the box saying ‘Show this clock’. Set the time zone that you wish to see displayed in the Win7 clock menu. Additionally you can set names for every clock, this can be done by typing the description in the field called ‘Enter display name’.

  5. Now you’re done, just press the OK button. To see if the changes were applied, you have to hover the clock and the new added time zones should appear. Enjoy.

That is all that you need to do in order to add an extra time zone for your Windows 7 clock.

Windows 7 Clock Time Zones

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