How To Find All Angry Birds Golden Eggs Locations ( Guide For iPhone, Android, Nokia N900 )


How To Find All Angry Birds Golden Eggs Locations ( Guide For iPhone, Android, Nokia N900 )

Angry Birds is the most popular smartphone video game ever released. The developers of Angry Birds, are the guys at Rovio Mobile and it has been released in December 2009 for iPhone devices, and now that a year has passed, Rovio announced that they have sold over 12 million Angry Birds application for iPhone, using the App Store. Also, a few months after the Angry Birds release for the iPhone, Rovio released the game for Android, Symbian^3 and also the Angry Birds puzzle game can be bought from the Ovi Store for the Nokia N900. The publisher for Angry Birds is Chilingo.

Because of Angry Birds growing popularity, Rovio decided to develope the video game for gaming consoles, such as PS3, Xbox 360 and for Wii. No words about a PC version, yet.

Angry Birds features a a flock of angry birds that are trying to retrieve their eggs, which were stolen by those sneaky pigs. Angry Birds is a puzzle-based video game and to complete it, you will have to finish all its levels. The game is easy to control, as you simply use a slingshot to launch the birds, with the objective of collapsing the structures over the pigs, that stole their eggs. Besides all those levels in Angry Birds, Rovio decided in April to release an update that will add some hidden stuff to the game, which has been called Angry Birds Golden Eggs.

When found, the Golden Eggs in Angry Birds will unlock extra levels for you, and you will have to finish those, too, in case you want to complete the game 100%. Some of the Golden Eggs are easy to spot and find, but there are others, you will have to work hard in order to find or unlock them. So, if you wish to learn the locations of the Angry Birds Golden Eggs you will have to read the lines listed below:

Locations Of All Golden Eggs In Rovio’s Angry Birds:
  1. Golden Egg #1 – Can be found in the Credits menu. Tab the settings icon, and then select the ‘i’ help icon. Scroll down until you find the Golden Egg at the end of the credits. Tap it.

  2. Golden Egg #2 – Can be found by tapping the Sun picture, located at the level’s menu.

  3. Golden Egg #3 – Select any level and press Pause (II buton), then tap on the question mark (?), and just click through the tutorial until you see a Golden Egg, being dropped by a white bird. Tap the Golden Egg to recover it.

  4. Golden Egg #4 – Achieve the maximum stars level (3 stars) that is available for the 1, 2 and 3 Themes. Another thing that you can try, is to beat all the previous high scores that you have achieved for all themes.

  5. Golden Egg #5 – Achieve the maximum star level for the Themes 4 and 5. Another way is to beat your previous high scores in those levels.

  6. Golden Egg #6 – Go to level 1-8 and tap the treasure chest.

  7. Golden Egg #7 – Go to level 2-2 and smash the Beachball.

  8. Golden Egg #8 – Go to level 4-7 and zoom out the map. In the top right hand corner of the map, you will notice a small yellow bird standing on the cliff. Hit that bird, and that will give you the Golden Egg.

  9. Golden Egg #9 – Go to level 5-19 and zoom out the map. The golden egg is located outside of the screen, above the rocket. You should use a yellow or a white bird to grab the golden egg.

  10. Golden Egg #10 – Go to level 6-14 and try to hit the yellow ballon, which is located under the tree-house. You will have to use the Green ‘Boomerang’ Bird to hit it. This will give you the golden egg.

  11. Golden Egg #11 – Go to theme 8 and slide it to the left, you will see the egg on the right. Tap it.

  12. Golden Egg #12 – To unlock this golden egg, you will have to achieve 3 stars for the themes 6, 7 and 8.

  13. Golden Egg #13 – Go to level 8-15 and in the lower left hand corner is the golden egg. Launch a bird over the boxes to hit that specific golden egg.

  14. Golden Egg #14 – Go to level 9-14 and zoom out the map. The golden egg can be found on the lower right hand corner and you need to launch a bird to hit it.

To unlock and so making all the Golden Eggs available, you will have to complete each Golden Egg level. You can do it by selecting the Angry Birds Golden Eggs menu, choose a golden egg level and finish it. After completing the available Golden Eggs level, you  should head back to Angry Birds Levels and look for the other eggs, as now there will be others available. I hope you understood easily how to find the golden eggs locations in Angry Birds. Enjoy the game and you should check our website in the near future, as there will be posted a guide on how to find the golden eggs for the Angry Birds Seasons ( Christmas Edition ) game. If you have any questions regarding Angry Birds, please feel free to post them in our comments field.

Angry Birds is definitely a Hit in 2010, with over 50 million downloads on all platforms. Also, Rovio announced that the game will be available for Windows Phone 7 smartphone starting from 2011.

Angry Birds

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