How to activate and use the Android Priority Inbox ( Gmail Mailbox )


How to activate and use the Android Priority Inbox ( Gmail Mailbox )

In the following guide you will learn how to activate the Android Priority Inbox, an important feature of the Gmail mailbox. This can be possible as Google just launched ( yesterday actually ) an updated Gmail application for Android 2.2 ( Froyo ) users. Why use this? Because you will only get notified when you receive important mails, and not some random updates from your tweeter account.

No idea what the Gmail Android Priority Inbox is about? Well, it is the Android compatible version of the Gmail Priority option. It’s a newly developed mail feature, which allows you to choose the type of messages considered important. All these messages will then show in a new inbox, called the priority inbox, which takes the place of the old inbox. You will have two inboxes activated: one for important mails and the other, for not so important messages. This can be very useful when you are receiving hundreads of emails daily, most of all from unimportant sources. The priority inbox will only notify you when receiving an important message. In the rest of the time, it will stay empty.

Leaping to the Android version, the Priority Inbox does the same thing, just on an Android smartphone. Unfortunately, this feature can only be activated only on Froyo users ( Android 2.2 ) and requires you to update to the latest Gmail version. The guide bellow should resolve all of these problems. Let’s start.

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How to activate and use the Android Priority Inbox

First of all, you will need to update the Gmail Android app. You can do this by going to the Android Market -> Menu -> Downloads and you should see the Gmail app within the list. If not, that means that you are not running on Android 2.2, the application is already updated or, that you haven’t installed it. A quick search on the Android Market for “Gmail” should do the trick. Once you all got the latest version.

Setting the Priority Inbox as default
  1. Open the Gmail app.

  2. Go to Menu.

  3. Select More.

  4. Touch on Settings.

  5. A window like bellow will appear. Check the boxes like we did. Now when you will open the Gmail Android App, you will see the Priority Inbox instead of the normal mailbox.

Checking the Priority Inbox without setting as default

Don’t want to set the Priority Inbox as the default mailbox? Well, there is another way. The priority inbox can be always used by doing this ( the same features, including marking messages ):

  1. Open the Gmail Android App.

  2. Go to Labels.

  3. Open Priority Inbox.

Note: After activating Priority, there is one problem remaining. The application usually learns in time what the important messages are, to set some type of messages important as default. This only happens in a 4-day range. That means the app learns what messages are important by only checking the last for days. To completely sync the application, do these:

  1. Open Gmail.

  2. Go to Menu.

  3. Select More.

  4. Now touch on Settings.

  5. Change the value of the synchronization timing.

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