How To Set / Change / Upgrade The New Facebook Profile Design


How To Set / Change / Upgrade The New Facebook Profile Design

This guide will teach you how to change and set the new Facebook Profile Design as default, instead of the old Facebook appearance. Facebook released this new project today and it’s still in the beta phase, for the moment. Facebook decided that now is the time for a change and let me tell you that the new appearance of the Facebook Profile looks neat and you should give it a try.

Everything is much better ordered and now the default screen of your Facebook Profile comprises more informations about yourself like your location, school, workplace etc.. Also, the new Facebook profile Wall page displays the list of your most important friends and additional info about your activities and interests. Now in the upper side of the Facebook Profile you will notice the photos in which you are tagged, for an easier access to your photos. In you wish to scroll between your Wall, Info, Photos, Friends, Notes etc., you will see that these were moved on the left side of your Facebook Profile. There are other important changes, but you should look for them yourself. So, if you wish to change and upgrade to the new Facebook Profile Design / Appearance, you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. First you need to go to the New Facebook Profile Page by clicking here.

  2. Log in with your Facebook ID and password.

  3. Now you will notice a green button which says ‘Get the New Profile’. Click it and your Facebook Profile will be changed.

  4. Enjoy using the New Facebook Profile Design.

New Facebook Profile Design

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