How to backup Cydia apps ( iPhone / iPod guide)


How to backup Cydia apps ( iPhone / iPod guide)

With all those iOS updates popping right when you are not expected, it’s hard to keep track with all of your jailbreak apps so, we found a guide. A guide to help you backup / save and then restore all of your Cydia apps (for the iPhone / iPod / iPad ), without the use of iTunes. All you need is to download some free applications from the Cydia portal, type some lines and push a file to the computer. All of these in just a few minutes.

This guide can come in handy in times when you update the iPhone operating system and you need to jailbreak once more. All you have to do is backup all of your iPhone’s Cydia apps using our first part of the guide, update the iOS, jailbreak it and then use the second part to restore all applications. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, if you got a long list of jailbreaking apps, it sure beats the hell out of manually installing them, one by one.

This guide works for any Apple device out there: iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPad, iPod Touch 2G, 3G and 4. Other things needed are an USB cable, a PC / MAC and some applications previously installed. These are MobileTerminal ( used to type some commands line along the way )and a SSH client, for those on Windows ( used to send a file from the iDevice to the computer / MAC ). Although the second one is frequently seen on a jailbroken iPhone, the first one isn’t. For those who are missing them, please download and install them now, through Cydia.

Cydia Apps

How to backup Cydia apps ( guide for iPhone and iPod )
  1. Start the MobileTerminal from the iPhone’s springboard.

  2. We will now save a text file containing all of your jailbreak iPhone apps called “installed-apps.txt”, in the /var/mobile directory. To do this, type this in MobileTerminal: dpkg –get-selections> installed-apps.txt

Once you updated the iOS and jailbroken it, make sure you install MobileTerminal and proceed.

How to restore Cydia apps ( guide for iPhone and iPod )
  1. Use the SSH client to copy the “installed-apps.txt” file into /var/mobile.

  2. Open MobileTerminal and type these:

  • su

  • alpine ( the default password, type your own if you changed it )

  • dpkg –set-selections

  • apt-get dselect-upgrade


  • Some of you may encounter problems on the way. To fix them, just open the MobileTerminal and type apt-get deselect-fix-missing-upgrade. This will make Cydia automatically install all missing packages.

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