How To Remove Protected / Private From Posts Titles In WordPress


How To Remove Protected / Private From Posts Titles In WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blog publishing application worldwide and I’m sure that you already knew that WordPress allows you to password protect the posts you create. Password-protecting a WordPress Post is easy, as the only thing that you need to do in order to set a password for the article that you wish to post.

To set a password for a WordPress post, you simply need to configure it in the ‘Publish’ box menu, right before you decide to click on the publish button. But, a down-low of this action is that WordPress automatically sets the ‘Protected’ text in front of the post’s title, after the password has been created. And this brings me, to the fact that most writers that are using the WordPress app, as the default blog publishing tool, are hating the fact that WordPress adds the ‘Protected’ text in front of the article’s title. Also, by default, WordPress puts a password protected box, as a hint for you to recognize the password protected post, and this means that WordPress shouldn’t display the Protected text in the article’s title.

So, if you wish to learn how to remove the Private / Protected From Post Titles in WordPress, you need to use the code presented below:

Use This Code To Remove Private Protected From Post Titles

That is the code that you need to use, in order for WordPress to stop using the Private / Protected text from your WordPress Posts Titles. For any questions that you might have, use the comments below.

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