How To Change The Author Name Simultaneously For Multiple WordPress Posts


How To Change The Author Name Simultaneously For Multiple WordPress Posts

WordPress is a CMS ( Content Management System ), that is used by users worldwide as their default blog publishing tool, and it has support for MySQL and PHP. WordPress is the most used CMS worldwide and it contains tons of great features, such as support for plug-in technologies and it includes an excellent template system, also it has been reported that WordPress is being used by 150,000 big websites.

This post was created to help those WordPress users that do not know how to browse and change between Posts tabs, also you will learn how to Change the Author Name for multiple WordPress posts right from the WordPress. To be able to perform such actions, you will have to follow the instructions listed below, and you will be able to change between WordPress Posts and also you will be capable of changing the Author Name for multiple posts in WordPress. Follow the guide below:

  1. First you need to go to the Edit Posts page i.e.

  2. Check all the WordPress posts that you wish to change between.

  3. Now click on the Bulk to drop down the Bulk Action and click on the ‘Edit’ button.

  4. Now you should see the Bulk Edit Options menu, which contains the following options to choose from : Comments & Status, Tags, Author, Category.

  5. Now you need to select Author menu, and choose the Author from the drop-drown menu.

  6. Enjoy.

This are all the steps that you need to take, in order to change the Author Name for multiple WordPress posts at the same time. I hope that you managed to make it work and for any questions that you might have, post them in our comments field.

Change Bulk Author Name WordPress Posts

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