How to update the LG OPTIMUS GT540 to Android 2.1/Éclair: Install guide


How to update the LG OPTIMUS GT540 to Android 2.1/Éclair: Install guide

In the following guide we will teach you how to install the Android 2.1 ( Éclair ) update on the LG OPTIMUS GT540. This came out just yesterday, when LG made the official announcement on their website. A page containing the instructions and the features of this update is also available there or, for those who don’t want to click away, see them bellow. This update will bring the operating system from 1.6 to 2.1, allowing it to support multiple accounts, live wallpapers and many other interesting things.

This guide contains the original version of the LG OPTIMUS GT540 update for Android 2.1, being linked to the official download page. That means this is the same thing as the OTA update. In order to install this you must have the latest Mobile Sync version installed. Also note that this will erase your user data along all applications downloaded from the Android Market, so make sure you backup first. The only thing that will escape is the SD card. This update process is permanent and cannot be reversed.

When it comes to software improvements, by installing Android 2.1 on the LG Optimus GT540 you will get access to multiple accounts, live wallpapers, quick contact interface, HTML5 support for browsers, Microsoft Exchange support and also, Bluetooth 2.1.


How to backup and restore the personal information

Before we start, let us back up the data first. You can save the personal information ( including Calendar and Contacts ) using Google Account Sync. For those using a 3G Mobile Network, you may be charged a little extra for this process, so make sure you sync it via WiFi. All you need now is a Google account.

  1. Go to “Menu” -> “Settings” -> “Accounts & Sync”.

  2. Now check the Auto Sync box like bellow.

  3. Now all of your personal information will be available on the Google account. You can view it by logging in via the PC.

  4. In order to restore the personal information after the update, log in your Google account on the phone.

  5. Head again to “Menu” -> “Settings” -> “Accounts & Sync” and check the “Auto Sync” box. This will update the information. Verify the results by checking your calendar etc.

How to backup and restore your apps
  1. When all of your Android Market apps are in danger, who comes to the rescue? Astro file manager.

  2. Download Astro file manager from the Android market.

  3. Start Astro and click on “Menu”.

  4. Click on “Tools”.

  5. Choose the “Application manager / backup”.

  6. Check the box of each application you want to backup and then click on “BackUp”.

  7. In order to restore all of your apps after you install Android 2.1, you need to re-install the Astro file manager and start it.

  8. Now go to “Menu” -> “Tools”-> “Application Manager/Backup”.

  9. Click on “Backed up Apps”, select the ones you like to restore and then click “Install”.

How to install the Android 2.1 update on the LG OPTIMUS GT50
  1. Make sure you have the USB drivers installed. If not, download and install them from here.

  2. Download and install the LG Mobile Support Tool .

  3. Connect the phone to the PC using an USB cable and then start the LG Mobile support tool.

  4. Click on “Start updating”:

  5. Click on “Analysis” to scan for the update.

  6. When the update is found, click on “Download”.

  7. Now click on “Update” and wait a few moments for the process to complete.

That’s it. If you encountered any problems, post them bellow.

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