Mac OS Desktop: How to Customize your Mac OS Desktop


If you got bored with your old Mac OS desktop, then those steps might help you customize it a bit:

  1. Go to Apple Menu -> System Preferences and the System Preferences Window will pop up.

  2. Select the Desktop & Screen button.

  3. Select the desktop tab and you will see the default images on the right and image categories on the left.

  4. Select the image you like the most.

  5. You will see the image directly on the desktop while you click it, to be sure it looks good in bigger size.

  6. Close the Window.

  7. Configure it to change the images automatically after a time interval.

  8. Repeat the steps 1 to 5.

  9. Select a folder and check the “Change picture” checkbox.

  10. Choose the time interval and image display order and you are done.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

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