How to fix the Android WiFi Tether app disconnecting problems


How to fix the Android WiFi Tether app disconnecting problems

Although Android WiFi Tether is the best tethering application for Android based smartphones, sometimes it has some glitches. They may vary from casual disconnecting problems to bothering 5 times per hour nightmares. If you have scorched the web for solutions, and did not find any, this is the place. In order to fix those glitches, here are some solutions for the Android WiFi Tether disconnecting problems.

The usual symptoms of the disconnecting problems with WiFi Tether are the following: the WiFi access point completely disappears from the list, the wireless connection drops unexpectedly or the access point is shown in the list, but a connection may not be established with it.

The most used solution for these is a tether restart. Sometimes it solves the problem, sometimes it doesn’t. And in those fortunate cases, the fix is only temporary. For those who want a permanent solution to those nasty WiFi tether disconnecting problems, this is what we found:

  • If the WiFi Access Point suddenly disappears from the list, and if you have installed Tasker on your smartphone, make sure you haven’t set it up to turn on your WiFi when it detects a wireless network.

  • If the connection drops unexpectedly, change the frequency channel to 1. You can do this by going to the Wireless Tether window and on the WiFi section, you should see Change Channel. Select Number 1 as your choice, like in the image bellow:

    The Wireless Tether Window

    Switch the Android WiFi Tether Channel

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