How To Use The Right-Click On Mac


How To Use The Right-Click On Mac

With a Mac computer you can perform tons of task that cannot be done with a Windows PC, and with a PC you can do other tons of tasks that cannot be done with a Mac computer. However, there is a very small task that can’t be performed on a Mac PC, which is the fact that you can’t right-click with its mouse, as the Mac OS mouse is equipped with a single button., while the Windows PC mouse has 2 or more buttons.

Despite the fact that the Mac mouse has a single clickable button, you should know that there is a way in which you can perform right-clicks on a Mac computer. So, if you want to right-click on a Mac PC you need to follow the step-by-step instructions, on how to right-click and how to open contextual menus on Mac PCs, listed below :

  1. To right click on your Mac PC you need to press and hold the Control key and click. This is simple, right?  See below how you can bring up contextual menus.

  2. On your Mac PC’s desktop, press Control and Click and a menu will pop out with tons of finder commands, like the following : New Folder, Help, Arrange, View, Clean Up, Change Desktop Background and View Options, in no particular order.

  3. If you point with the mouse to your HDD or to an inserted CD you need to Control-Click and you should see menu with the following commands : Eject, Help, Open, Get Info, Make Alias, Add to Favorites, Index Selection, Put Away and Attach a Folder Action.

  4. If you hover a folder and Control-Click you will be able to use one of the following folder options : Help, Move to trash, Label, Put Away, Open, Add To Favorites, Make Alias, Attach a Folder Action and Index Selection.

  5. If you hover a file and Control-Click it will be shown the file context menu with the following commands : Help, Move To Trash, Get Info, Open, Duplicate, Add To Favorites, Label, Make Alias, Index Selection.

These is all that you need to do in order to right-click on Mac and see the contextual menus for all areas of your Mac PC.

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